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VSI Sand Making Machine

VCⅡ Series Impact Crusher (Sand Making Machine) combines impact breaking & squeeze breaking technique by absorbing advanced “stone strike stone”/“stone strike iron” crushing principle. It is an ideal tertiary or quartus crusher. It has been widely used to produce artificial sand or to shape fine aggregate fraction; to replace traditional squeezing crusher in fine crushing process of metallic or non-metallic mines; to greatly save energy consumption in cement crushing & grinding process as pre-grinding and to crush glass in recycling industry.
VSI Sand Making Machine

Performance Features of Artificial Sand Making Machine:

1.High capacity,high sand-making rate,cubic aggregate because of optimally designed rotor.
2.More convenient and sooner to replace spare parts by adopting hydraulic cover opening device.
3.More convenient and reliable to lubricate machine by using thin oil lubrication station.
4.Effectively reduce or exclude possible loss and risk by choosing auto-detecting system of vibration amplitude.
5.Detachable supports save you concrete foundation.

Working Principle of Artificial Sand Making Machine:

Materials enter impeller with high speed, impact materials around impeller under the function of high speed centrifugal force,and attack each other.The materials attack each other for many times under whirling current between impeller and machine cover.Final product is discharged until it meets the request.

vsi sand making machine is used after fine and course material crushing process to give the perfect shape of final product. The output size can be controlled . vsi sand making machine for sale is appropriate for Iron ore, copper ore, gold and silver ore, zinc ore, manganese ore, limestone,granite,basalt,river stone,coal gangue,quartz etc.. It is easy to use due to simple operation mechanism.


Model Max Feeding Motor Power Shaft Speed Capacity Dimensions(mm)
VSI-6020 26 2*37/55 2000/2600 8-50 3500*1500*2050
VSI-8620 35 2*75/110 1000/1450 60-150 3600*2140*2620
VSI-9526 40 2*132/160 950/1200 100-260 4520*2640*3100
VSI-1210 45 2*200/220 950/1200 200-350 5500*2785*3030
VSI-5120 50 2*250 800/1000 300-460 5700*3080*3096